What you need to know about U.S. Tugboat Jobs

Tugboat jobs in the U.S merchant marine fleet provide a good income generating opportunity for many job seeking mariners. Living and working on a towboat is not only adventurous but the work allows you to travel the world and visit new places upon docking at port. These few benefits are just some of the reasons why aspiring mariners make efforts to secure tugboat jobs. U.S merchant mariner companies offer the best paying salaries hence they are the most sought after jobs. Finding employment can be competitive and most times mariners give up trying due to lack of sufficient information.

The good thing about tugboat jobs is that people get the chance to build a career thanks to the different job positions that range from starting level to professional posts. The deck department makes up most of the crew members which consist of able bodied seamen and ordinary seamen. The former seafarers are regarded to be experienced while the latter only have basic level credentials. Mariners working in the steward department also perform cooking roles and they also have to be certified in order to fill these positions. In the engine department of a tugboat, wipers make up the lowest ranks and they perform roles such as cleaning equipment and maintaining machinery in the engine room. Wiper roles rarely exist aboard tugboats and normally the tugboat carries only a single engineer as the engine department.

Connecting tug boats is a fairly challenging task since the work is labor intensive. Tug boats normally tow other vessels at the port and along inland river channels thus providing plenty of employment opportunities for entry level mariners.
However, there are professional roles that tug boat jobs provide to experienced merchant mariners such as tankermen, engineers, pilots, mates and masters. In order to fill these positions, mariners need to go through the relevant training as well as demonstrate the relevant skills required to handle these jobs. Tugboat operators that continue to work aboard maritime vessels continue to gain seatime experience with time and those that pursue further training can move from being an ordinary deck hand to fulfilling more administrative and technical roles. One’s career progression ultimately lies with getting the right credentials in order to stay remain marketable.

The U.S. Coast Guard provides the relevant license documents and regulates the requirements for all kinds of merchant marine jobs including tugboat employment opportunities. However, additional training with a recognized merchant mariner school is required in order to obtain more qualifications and increase your skill set.

When looking for training institution courses, it is important to always seek those that are registered with the U.S. Coast Guard in order to have credentials that are recognized. Be careful before paying for training as many schools are happy to sell you training that will not lead to employment. As a merchant sailor student trying to kick start a career at sea, keep in mind that your time spent learning how to become a sailor is vital to the outcome of your seafaring job hunt. Therefore, it is vital to make the most out of any opportunity that allows you to obtain training for merchant seaman work, be it for tugboat jobs or otherwise.

What are the working conditions for tugboat jobs?

Working conditions on tugboats are generally tough for entry level mariners owing tot the fact that their line of work is filled with manual labor. Given that not all employers offer good equipment for mariners, there is an element of getting injured while connecting tow lines and even handling cargo equipment. This not withstanding, tugboat jobs are still quite fulfilling since they offer a definite career path for mariners. Proper training and additional experience allows mariners to be adept at their work and avoid occupational hazards associated with merchant marine jobs.

Best way to find employment aboard a tugboat?

Other than getting trained aboard boats and maritime vessels, it is important to know how to go about getting tug boat jobs and other merchant marine employment opportunities. The Internet provides a rich source of information about the U.S merchant seaman job market along with potential employers, but be careful about choosing resources because many are expensive and misleading. Check out our resource page for the best resources to help you in your quest to become a merchant mariner. We keep the Resources Page up to date with the latest, greatest and most-affordable resources for those wanting to learn how to break into the marine industry. Otherwise, finding the relevant information can be time consuming, especially if you don’t know where to start.

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